Syria & Trump Treatment

Lessons Learned from the “Trump Treatment” in Syria: 

1. If you want to send a message - you can send flowers. If you want your message to matter - send 59 cruise missiles. 
2. If Vladimir Putin wants his stooge, Bashir al-Assad, to stay alive, he better get him out of Damascas and make him Eddie Snowden’s roommate in Moscow. They deserve each other. 
3. Pliant “Progressives,” Global America-Haters & Obama Apologists are compiling lists of “Unintended Consequences” of the U.S. strike on the base Putin’s patsy Assad used to launch his latest chemical warfare attack. So what? Here is some reality: 
A. The Moscow-Tehran-Damascus troika of terror is close to coming unraveled. Other than Pyongyang, they have no friends that matter. 
B. If Assad goes, Hezbollah loses their logistics lifeline from Tehran, through Baghdad, up the Euphrates River valley to Lebanon. 
C. North Korea’s chubby little despot and his Ayatollah allies have to be wondering if their Nuke-ICBM joint venture is worth continuing. 
D. Turkish strongman Tayep Erdogan has been prancing with Putin & musing about pulling out of NATO. The music just stopped. 


A. Despite our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s eloquence [in the mold of Jeanne Kirkpatrick & John Bolton] the Russians will do their level best to block any meaningful action in the UN Security Council.  
B. If the Ayatollahs threaten to mine the Straits of Hormuz & Bab el Mandab, the Houthis in Yemen & IRGC Naval Forces will get "The Trump Treatment." 
C. If Hezbollah gets feisty, the Israelis will smack them down in Lebanon with precision air strikes. 
D. If President Trump’s recent meetings with Egyptian President al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah mean anything, there will be a Sunni-Arab “Syria Peacekeeping Force” deployed to Syria after ISIS is driven from their strongholds in Raqqa & Mosul. 
E. Last but not least, Chinese President Xi Jinping - who some say has a heart condition - has to be popping cardio pills at Mar-a-Lago when he realizes he’s sitting down to a bowl of egg-drop soup with the guy who just dropped the hammer on Bashir al-Assad.  
Some free advice Mr. Xi: Before you decide what to say about trade issues or helping the U.S. with North Korean Nukes, read what your host wrote about “Fighting Back” in his book, “Art of the The Deal.” If I know our president at all, there's a copy in your guest room - more than likely, in Mandarin. He’s always a gracious host. Unless of course you don’t understand what he’s after. Hint: “Putting America First.” 




Oliver North