$400 Million Cash Transfer

Friday, August 5, 2016



$400 Million Cash Transfer to Iran. Does this sound like ransom to you?

Yes. Why else wouild it be done in foreign currency in the middle of the night?

The $400 million transfer to tehran is just latest in the 7 year history of obama regime lies, deceits & dissembling since 2009:

1. Fast & Furious - "gun walking" 
2. IRS enemies list
3. Obamacare "keep your health insurance"? 
4. Benghazi - before - during - after.
5. Email coverup by Department of State & Clinton
6. ISIS "JV" & "on the ropes" 
7. R2P in Libya by killing Gaddafi
8. Whopper: existential threat: Iran "nuke deal" and nuke/ballistic missile research and development with North Korea.

The $400m should have been used to compensate victims of iranian terror, including Troops killed in action & wounded in action by Iranian EFP IED. 

Iranians will use cash to support Jihad [Hezbollah and Hamas] & North Korea nuke & ballistic R&D.

Main stream media ought to be asking why o-team has bent over backwards to support iranian regime for last 8 years.   

How is this different fm what you did in Reagan Admin? 

1st demand by Iranians when I met with them in 1985 was refund of $400 million from Shah. 

That's what they wanted from Jimmy Carter. 

Oliver North was better negotiator than kerry. We didn't send $ to iranians - they paid us!   

I know. I was the one who had to negotiate with likes of Ahmadinejad & Rouhani.

Israelis shipped tows - we got hostages & iranian $. Tows were "doctored" so they wouldn't work. CIA terp confirms. We used money from ayatollahs to support pro-democracy forces in Central America.   

Is it ever right to pay ransom for hostages?   

No. But it goes on everywhere. 

1st ransom paid by American president: Thomas Jefferson   

Almost always results in more hostages. Exception: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia held 3 American Citizens for 5 years - freed in deception operation - cesar in super max.   

In 1980s we didn't have "rewards for justice" so we used private Donor to offer "$1 million reward for information leading to safe recovery of General James Dozier".   

Hostage recovery is a 3-part process: 
1.     Proof of life
2.     Verify intermediary access & control
3.     Negotiate price   

One of "top 3" most difficult things i've ever had to do was to negotiate a "lower price" for the life of an American Citizen. [top 2: Marines dying in my arms & losing our baby].   

New poll: who can be trusted with nukes?   

Wouldn’t trust clinton: we know how she cares about classified info.   

MRS. Clinton's husband left "nuke football" @ fundraising event.   

Poll question should have been: Do you trust North Korean’s & Iranians with nukes?   

Thanks to obama-clinton-kerry they will have nukes & ballistic missiles & pose existential threat to U.S. Homeland. 


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